Work Injury Chiropractor Portland

Work Injury Chiropractor

Work Injury Chiropractor Portland

Preserve your rights. See a work injury chiropractor promptly after an incident.

See a work injury chiropractor in Portland such as Graffeo Chiropratic Clinic as soon as possible after your incident.

It is important to report your work injury to your employer immediately. Your Employer is required to complete Form 801 – “Worker’ s and Employer’ s Report of Occupational Work Injury or Disease/Illness” as soon as you tell them about your work injury and give a copy of the completed Form 801 to you along with Form 3283, “A Guide for Workers Recently Hurt on the Job”.

Bring a copy of Form 801 to you work injury chiropractor Portland if you have received it from your employer, and the names of any witnesses to your injuries. The doctor must work with you to Complete Form 827 – “Workers and Physician’s Report”. The doctor will send this form to your insurance company to open your claim.

Even if you think your injuries might get better without care, it is important to tell your employer and see the doctor right away. The longer you wait before reporting your work injury and seeking treatment, the more difficult it will be to support your claim if your injuries don’t get better on their  own. Also, chronic pain from auto accidents and whiplash can sometimes lay dormant for days or weeks.

Why do I need a Work Injury Chiropractor?

Work Injury Chiropractor Portland, Oregon

Many people have health problems today because of a work injury that happened long ago for which they never received treatment. Don’t let this happen to you! Seek treatment promptly after any injuries.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  1. Do you think you were injured at work?
  2. You have the legal right to receive treatment for your work injury.
  3. Are you unsure about how to report your injuries or which doctor to see?
  4. You have the legal right to see the doctor of your choice for treatment.
  5. Are you worried about losing your job if you report your injuries?
  6. The law protects you from being fired for reporting your work injury.

Our chiropractors have many years experience helping people with their work injuries. A highly-trained work injury chiropractor Portland can treat most work injuries. Our professional staff can help you with your claim. We’ll help you understand your rights and work hard to make you feel better and get back to work as quickly as possible.

If you are injured, see the doctor right away!