Massage Therapy Portland

Massage Therapy Portland

Massage Therapy

When you’re suffering from pain, it may seem like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Pain can have an effect on your physical and emotional wellbeing. This can make it difficult to seek necessary treatments that can improve your wellness. Massage therapy in Portland at the Graffeo Chiropratic Clinic may provide the pain relief you’ve been looking for.

Massage therapy Portland can have a positive effect on stress reduction, muscle tension, and pain relief. Studies have actually shown it can be beneficial for everything from fibromyalgia to headaches, strains, nerve pain and joint pain. It can also decrease anxiety and prove beneficial in cases of stress related insomnia.

Experienced Massage Therapists

There are many different massage therapy techniques, and the massage therapists at Graffeo Chiropractic are trained in the most effective methods. These include:

  • Swedish Massage: This is great for energizing your body and promoting relaxation.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: This is commonly used to treat injury related muscle damage.
  • Sports Massage: Used to both prevent and treat sports related injuries.
  • Trigger Point Massage: This focuses massage is designed for specific pain points.

Our massage therapists work in conjunction with our chiropractors and nutritionist. It’s our goal to provide you with the best experience possible, and that means addressing your health on all fronts.

At Graffeo Chiropractic Clinic, your health is our first concern. With more than 30 years providing local massage therapy Portland citizens place their health needs in our hands every single day. That’s because we provider personalized care. Massage therapy Portland isn’t a one size fits all treatment option. Every individual who walks through our doors comes in with unique needs. It’s our job to ensure they get the best treatment possible.

Comprehensive Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Portland, Oregon

We do this by performing an extensive intake of each client. We want to know about your pain. When did it present? How long have you had it? Is there a specific event that caused it? In addition to questions that better help our massage therapists to target your specific pain, we’ll determine your range of motion and identify the source of your discomfort.

Massage therapy Portland can make all the difference, and with the dedicated team at Graffeo Chiropractic Clinic, you’re in excellent hands. Our tandem approach to health has created a remarkable change in many of our client’s daily lives. With skilled massage therapy providing you with targeted treatment for your pain and injuries, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your condition begins to change.
Massage therapy can:

  • Improve range of motion and alleviate lower back pain
  • Enhance your body’s inbuilt immune system
  • Aid in recovery after workouts or prepare for upcoming athletic events
  • Promote regeneration of tissue
  • Reduce swelling and adhesions after surgery
  • Relieve pain caused by migraines and headaches
  • Lessen symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Increase flexibility of joints
  • Reduce pain from Whiplash and Auto Accidents
  • Alleviate Chronic Pain Symptoms

And that’s not all. Don’t let the benefits of massage therapy Portland at our chiropractic office pass you by. With personalized care and results that can change your life for the better, when you’re ready to feel your best, call (503) 255-522 or contact Graffeo Chiropractic Clinic for massage therapy Portland today.