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Backache Relief

Back pain can be difficult to deal with. It can interrupt daily activity, and certain types of backaches can be so severe they can immobilize you. Pain medication is just that. It medicates the pain without addressing the symptoms. For lasting backache relief, Portland relies on Graffeo Chiropractic Clinic.

Get backache relief that’s right for you.

All backaches are not created equally. For the best backache relief Portland patients need custom care. There are three types of back pain that may be the cause of your backache. Depending on which one it is, different treatment methods will work more effectively.

Why does my backache?

Backache Relief Portland
Backaches are not simple pains. They can be caused by a number of different conditions. Just some of the causes of backaches include:

  • Irritation of large nerve roots.
  • Spinal nerve irritation.
  • Strained back muscles.
  • Injuries to the ligaments, bones, or joints.
  • Degenerative disc conditions.

Types of back pain

  • Acute – Acute pain is defined as being related directly to tissue damage or having lasted less than 3 to 6 months.
  • Chronic – These may be due to a number of causes, like an identified injury, or have no pain generating cause at all.
  • Neuropathic Pain – This can occur when the body sends pain signals even when there is no physical cause for it.

Get Customized Backache Relief

Backache Relief Portland OR
The key to lasting backache relief Portland citizens benefit from most is customization. The root cause of a backache can vary drastically from one patient to another. While many doctors may seek to treat these different conditions with the same drugs, that’s because they are only treating the symptoms. At Graffeo Chiropractic we treat the source of the pain.

Receive individualized treatment to relieve your backache.

With chiropractic backache relief, Portland patients get the personalized┬ácare they’re looking for. We take the necessary steps to ensure we target your ache, and that means treating you as an individual. That’s why every new patient begins their visit with a full examination and health history.

  • First we listen to you – You know your body best. Descriptors of your pain, where it’s located, and when it began are a valuable tool when formulating a treatment plan. We don’t just make you feel heard, we truly listen.
  • Then we perform a thorough examination – As your partner in health, providing backache relief Portland sufferers can benefit from most is our highest priority. We’ll take a medical history, perform a full physical and spinal examination, and may take x-rays or perform additional analysis.
  • In order to create a customized treatment plan – These steps provide us with necessary information to treat the source of your aches. We may employ manual and spinal manipulation techniques in order to improve range of motion and correct subluxations. Our staff also includes a trained massage therapist skilled in a variety of massage techniques that are used to alleviate and eliminate backaches. On-site treatment may be paired with an active care plan. Stretching, exercise, and activity modification can provide on-going relief for certain backaches.

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