Back Pain Relief Portland

Back Pain Relief

Back Pain Relief Portland OR
When you’re looking for medication free back pain relief, Portland chiropractic services from Graffeo Chiropractic Clinic are just what you’ve been looking for. Back pain isn’t the same for everyone, and your treatment shouldn’t be either.

Get the back pain relief that’s right for you.

We believe for the best back pain relief, Portland patients need customized care. Medication can mask the symptoms of a condition, treating the pain without treating the problem. Our chiropractic office seeks to address the problem, and that’s why we’ve become a trusted source for powerful, lasting, back pain relief Portland patients trust.

Customized Back Pain Relief

Every patient is treated with the utmost care. That means taking the time to investigate the problem and pin-point it. New patients undergo an extensive medical history and examination. This includes a thorough spinal examination and may include x-rays and further analysis. This allows us to identify structural abnormalities that can cause or affect your back pain.

Receive individualized treatment customized for your condition.

For the most effective back pain relief, Portland patients at our clinic receive individualized care. We don’t believe in a one size fits all treatment method, and so we work to create a personalized treatment regime. Your chiropractor may advise more than one treatment method for the most effective care. This is because different back conditions respond to different treatment methods. These may include:
Back Pain Relief Portland

  • Chiropractic Back Pain Relief – Chiropractic care includes spinal and manual manipulation. This is used to treat abnormal vertebra and can help restore motion and full functionality. Mobilization helps to increase range of motion and involves low velocity movement and stretching. Treatment is adjusted for the individual depending on factors that include their tolerance for activity and pain as well as any prohibitive disabilities.
  • Back Pain Relief from¬†Massage¬†– Massage is a valuable treatment method for many types of back pain. It can be especially effective for sufferers of muscle and sports related back pain. Our massage therapists are skilled at a variety of methods specifically used to treat lower back pain. For back pain relief, Portland patients benefit from our experience treating chronic and long-term conditions.
  • Ongoing Back Pain Relief – Ongoing relief doesn’t just come from us, it comes from within. We may pair professional treatment with an active care plan that can include activity modification, exercise, stretching, and more. This can help to improve a patient’s quality of life as well as helping prevent chronicity frequently associated with lower back pain.

When you’re ready for long term back pain relief, Portland chiropractic professionals at our clinic provide the personalized treatment that can get help you achieve it. There has never been a better time to discover the benefits of chiropractic care. Call (503) 255-5522 or Contact Us for Portland back pain relief today.