Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor Portland

Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor Portland

Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor

Accidents and whiplash can cause long lasting injury. You may have trouble moving the way you once did, pain in a specific part of your body, or trouble moving for extended periods of time. Traditional doctors prescribe pills, which can leave you foggy and tired, only masking the discomfort until they eventually wear off. What if you could get long lasting, natural pain relief? An auto accident injury chiropractor in Portland can help, and at Graffeo Chiropratic Clinic our first concern is your well-being.

Your Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor

Though you may not be aware of it, even low impact auto accidents can cause major injury and potentially chronic pain. These hidden injuries can present weeks after the incident occurs, and if you don’t get help from an auto accident injury chiropractor in Portland immediately after the incident they can go undiagnosed.

This is because many doctors and emergency room staff are not trained in the diagnosis of soft tissue damage. Though more recognizable wounds may receive treatment, these can go unnoticed. Soft tissue injury often occurs in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These areas are integral for comfortable and sustained movement. Don’t let yourself be the victim of years of physical pain when our experienced staff can diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries before they cause long lasting distress.

Even if you have existing damage from an old auto accident, our clinic can provide pain relief with a skilled auto accident injury chiropractor in Portland. We don’t just work on your fresh injury. Before receiving treatment at Graffeo Chiropractic Clinic, many of our patients have been experiencing pain for years or even decades. Through comprehensive care that covers all aspects of their health, our patients often find lasting pain relief from their injury.

Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor Portland, Oregon

Full Auto Accident Injury Coverage

We work with your insurance provider, and all Oregon automobile insurance policies cover auto accident injury treatment at our clinic. You don’t want to wait to see an auto accident injury chiropractor, and we’ll make sure you get the personalized treatment you need.

When you wait on treatment, you not only risk worse injuries in the future, but your insurance company may question claims that don’t occur immediately after your auto accident. They can also deny your coverage. We’ll work directly with your provider so that you get covered for any chiropractic care.

Experienced Auto Accident Injury Chiropractic Care

With more than 30 years treating auto accident victims in Portland, Graffeo Chiropractic Clinic is your local source for pain relief. We treat patients of all ages so that they can live their lives free of pain, on their terms. Our services are comprehensive, covering everything from nutrition to spinal rehabilitation and massage therapy. When you’ve been in an collision and want to experience the world through a pain free lens, call (503) 255-5522 or contact our chiropractic office for an auto accident chiropractor in Portland today.

Auto accidents can cause major hidden injuries. Even if your car needs only minor repairs, medical studies show that the amount of damage to a vehicle bears little relationship to the damaging force applied to the occupants.

Any accident, even a ‘fender-bender’, can cause major hidden injuries that you may not notice until days or weeks later. These injuries can cause problems years later if they are not treated promptly. Hidden injuries can cause pain to occur a few days or even weeks after an accident. See the doctor as soon as possible after you are involved in an auto accident.

Children who have been in an auto accident need a check-up, too. Although your children may not seem to be injured, they may also have hidden injuries. Even minor injuries can affect a child’s growth and behavior, and cause problems later in life. Children are resilient and heal quickly with prompt chiropractic care.

Children of all ages, even infants and toddlers, should have a check-up after an auto accident. Auto insurance covers the cost of their care.

Your care is covered here. All auto insurance policies in Oregon cover care by the doctors at Park View Chiropractic Center for injuries relating to an auto accident.

It is important to see the doctor right away. If you wait even a month, the insurance company may question your claim and try to deny coverage.

We can help you with your insurance claim. It is the responsibility of the insurance company to pay for any medical care you need as a result of the accident. We’ll help you deal with the insurance company and get the treatment you need.

Everyone who has been in an auto accident should see a Chiropractor for a check-up right away. Whether you feel you are hurt or not, you should have a check-up right after the accident to make sure that your body was not injured.

Auto insurance will cover the cost of a check-up for you and your passengers, and will pay for treatment if the check-up reveals any injuries.

Many people have physical problems today as the result of an auto accident they had long ago, but insurance will no longer cover the cost of their treatment.

Don’t let this happen to you! Get a check-up right away.

Even if your injuries were severe enough to require medical attention, you should still see your Chiropractor as soon as possible. You may have soft tissue injuries in addition to the obvious injuries your medical doctor treated, and it is likely that you will require Chiropractic adjustments as well.

Emergency Room Physicians and Medical Doctors are not trained to find hidden soft tissue injuries. Chiropractors are specialists, trained to locate and treat these problems.

Your care is covered here. All auto insurance policies in Oregon are required by law to provide at least $15,000 for medical care relating to injuries from an auto accident.